United Kingdom Brexit White Paper Confirms Intention to Stay in Unitary Patent Package

Anna Hatt | July 2018

Last week the UK government published a white paper setting out its plan for Britain’s exit from the European Union. 

The white paper indicates that the United Kingdom “intends to explore staying in the Court and unitary patent system after the UK leaves the EU”. 

The white paper was followed by a statement from the UK Intellectual Property Office that “The UK will work with our European Partners to ensure the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court continue on a firm legal basis. This will need to reflect the change in the UK's status as we cease to be an EU Member State, which will require negotiations with our European Partners. We look forward to beginning those negotiations with our European Partners so as to ensure the continuing success of this new system."

We will continue to issue updates regarding the Unitary Patent Package as matters develop.

The Unified Patent Court Agreement is a central part of the Unitary Patent Package.  For more information on the Unitary Patent Package, see our article here