Transfer Pricing and Intellectual Property Ownership and Licensing Webinar

October 2020

Beck Greener partner Catherine Jewell, Mark Bloomberg of Zuber Lawler and Roy Saunders of the IBSA discussed intellectual property ownership and licensing in a recent IBSA webinar. 

The presenters reviewed the need for an IP audit, especially for smaller entrepreneurial firms, the types of IP that they may not realise have value in competition with others and how to maximise potential income from these IP rights.  The tax benefits relevant for Research and Development expenditures in the UK and the US, patent box regimes and transfer pricing issues that may become relevant were also discussed.

Some organisations have reportedly used the lockdown period caused by Covid-19 to tidy up their IP portfolio and work on their approach to IP as well as their longer-term strategy.

To watch the full webinar, click here.

For more information on IP audits please contact Catherine Jewell.