A tool in the box for trade mark attorneys

October 2019

Ian Bartlett, head of trade marks at Beck Greener is recognised as a leading attorney in the field of trade marks.

Ian was delighted to be able to share his knowledge and experience at this year's CITMA Autumn Conference.   Ian discussed why an appellant might opt to have its case heard by the High Court rather than by the Appointed Person.

"It's not common to see trade mark attorneys in front of the High Court" says Ian, "but there’s no reason they shouldn’t. I think it’s important for profession to realise it has access to the Court.   It's a tool in the box for trade mark attorneys to know that this is available, and that their client's route isn't always to the Appointed Person."

Ian spoke to over 150 trade mark attorneys from the profession and said "I was pleased to have the opportunity to speak at CITMA's Conference and demonstrate how members of the profession can make use of their IP representation rights."

Click here to see Ian's presentation.