Our Services

IP Identification

What IP you currently have
Performing global IP searches to establish current pending IP rights, IP rights in force and not in force.

What IP you could have or do not know you have
Performing brainstorming sessions with you to identify new IP. Interviewing your management and staff to  recognise unknown unregistered IP.

What third party IP you need to consider
Performing IP searches to establish conflicting rights. Setting up watch services to monitor competitor IP. Identifying areas of IP interest for key competitors.

IP Organisation

IP Clean-up
Reviewing commercial activities, licences and agreements to establish ownership, authorship and inventorship. Taking actions to establish the correct ownership positions to monetise and/or commercialise relevant IP.

IP Portfolio analysis
Reviewing the IP strengths and weaknesses in the portfolio. Mapping commercial products, processing and names and domain names to existing IP rights.

IP Transparency
Reviewing current practices and putting in place new procedures and agreements to help safeguard current and future IP and simplify future monetisation.

IP Realisation

IP Strategy
Providing strategies in synergy with the financial strategy to exploit the existing IP strengths and mitigate the weaknesses. Aligning IP rights and agreements to help extract maximum value from the IP including Patent box strategies.

IP Filing and Prosecution
Providing UK & global filing and prosecution advice and services in accordance with the strategy, or in isolation.

IP Infringement analysis and support
Providing infringement and validity advice and opinions. Managing early stage IP conflicts.

IP Education

Self Identification
Advice on identification of inventions and inventors, choosing brand names and recognising the generation of IP rights.

Self Evaluation
Advice on searching for relevant IP rights using public IP databases before filing for IP.

Self Protection
Advice on internal IP management and risks on disclosing to, corresponding with and otherwise involving third parties.