Useful documents

The following documents are provided to assist in straightforward cases.  They are for guidance only, and are not necessarily suitable in all circumstances.  Professional advice should be sought if you are at all unsure about the suitability of the documents or the consequences of using them.

Invention Disclosure Form Invention Disclosure Form

If you require a patent application to be filed for your invention, it is important to provide Beck Greener with enough details to draft your application. This form is an editable word document that can be used to write up your invention. Different sections of the form guide you through some of the important aspects you should provide detail on. We suggest saving this document rather than opening it directly from our website.

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Non-Disclosure Agreement Non-Disclosure Agreement

(or Confidentiality Agreement)

It is essential that an inventor does not publicise details of an invention before a patent application is filed. Often, the inventor will wish to discuss the invention at an early stage, for example, to get a third party to make a prototype, or to enquire if a company with relevant expertise would be interested in investing in the invention. These, and any other discussions taking place before a patent application is filed, need to be in confidence. Therefore, before divulging any information to a third party, for any purpose, before the patent application is filed, a non-disclosure agreement (also known as a confidentiality agreement) should be signed on behalf of the third party.

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