IP Inclusive Senior Leader’s Pledge

IP Inclusive is a diversity task force committed to making IP professions more inclusive. It aims to improve access to the intellectual property professions, regardless of disability, age, gender, sexual orientation or social, economic and cultural background by raising awareness of the importance of diversity to individuals and firms.

We are delighted to be involved with IP Inclusive and Beck Greener was among the first signatories to the IP Inclusive charter in May 2016, which is part of our ongoing commitment to improving diversity and inclusion.

Beck Greener Partners’ personal diversity pledges

At Beck Greener we strive to be an inclusive organisation. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Team takes the lead in this, working towards this goal through our Community and Workplace projects.

Two of Beck Greener’s Partners have now decided to make personal pledges to actively promote and strive for equality, diversity and inclusion within Beck Greener and within the IP communities to which we contribute. The commitments include the below which have been developed within the IP Inclusive Senior Leaders’ Diversity Think Tank:

  1. Providing visible and proactive leadership to improve D&I in my organisation
  2. Taking D&I seriously at the highest level
  3. Embedding and valuing D&I throughout the organisational culture
  4. Building trust and safe spaces throughout the organisation
  5. Educating myself and my colleagues about D&I issues
  6. Sharing my privileges
  7. Insisting on equity
  8. Working closely with HR and management colleagues to achieve this


Catherine M. Jewell's Individual Senior Leader's Pledge

James A. Stones' Individual Senior Leader's Pledge