Beck Greener helps the Lex Fellowship Programme expand to the UK

Dr Catherine Jewell | May 2019

Here at Beck Greener we are delighted to be participating for the first time in the Lex Fellowship Programme. The aim of the Programme is to allow US students with an interest in pursuing a legal career to broaden their perspective by introducing them to some of the many and varied branches of the law, combining this with a one-month trip abroad. 

The participating students work with a Legal Adviser from a top-tier U.S.-based law school, whose main role for the month is to guide them through daily case studies presented by a diverse range of law firms based in the host city.  

Sessions at Beck Greener will be led by Associates Matthew Ng, Charlotte Tilbury and Sarah-Jane Crawford, and will concentrate on the different types of intellectual property rights and how these are connected.

This is the first year that the Programme has come to London, having previously been offered in cities including Barcelona, Madrid and Rome.  The students also benefit from planned excursions to make the most of being in a new city, providing an excellent opportunity to study abroad in a meaningful way and outside of the regular academic calendar.

Catherine Jewell, partner at Beck Greener, said “We are very pleased to be participating in the Lex Fellowship Programme, and look forward to welcoming the first group of students and their adviser to Beck Greener.  We are excited about introducing them to intellectual property law and showing the students some of the issues we come across and the problem-solving techniques we use to get a resolution for our clients”.